Personal Development

Who are you? Who are you really?

Isn’t this what Personal Development is all about?

Self-Awareness is the first step, when climbing out of a hole.

Know where you are and what is going on. From there you can explore your options. At The Living Heart Institute, we offer over 23 holistic modalities to assist you on your journey of self-mastery and self-actualization. Our programs help you as a whole person to discover what course of action works best for you. ~

Holistic Spiritual Healing

Relationship as Spiritual Practice

Creative Self-Expression

Work-Life Balance Coaching

Creating Sanctuary

Feng Shui Your Heart

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Yoga, Breath & Meditation

Dream Work

Authenticity Training

Re-Evaluation Counseling

Eco-Psychology Sessions

Lifestyle Makeovers

Waking Up as a Spiritual Being

Energy Medicine & Reiki

Polarity Body Work

Chakra Balancing

Shaman Therapy

Public Speaking Lessons

Beach Retreats

Group Coaching

Coaching by Phone

Spiritual Readings


Relax and explore the infinite possibilities for your wellness and well-being.

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Call for an appointment to discuss your life coaching & personal evolution goals.

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