Yoga Therapy

Yoga can be used for therapeutic purposes: physical re-conditioning, stress management, anti-aging, improved mental clarity & focus, improving body, mind, heart & soul. Yoga can assist with spiritual development, helping the practitioner recognize their full, human potential in this lifetime.

Yoga Therapy may include: meditation, music, movement, breathwork, singing, dietary considerations, personal hygiene practices, sleep enhancements, one-on-one or group events. However, any yoga should be approached with careful consideration for personal health & safety, choosing an experienced & prudent therapist. Having said this, there are tremendous benefits of practicing most types of yoga, depending on your current health status.

Yoga and meditation go together quite nicely. You don’t have to contort your limbs to receive benefits from these ancient health practices. There is a yoga for everyone and a meditation for everyone. Teresa helps you recognize which yogic practices will be best for your wellness & well-being goals. Weekly sessions make all the difference. Her home studio is locatd in South Carlsbad, CA, USA, on the border of Encinitas & Carlsbad.

The history of yoga & meditation make quite an interesting read.

Discover the ways yoga & meditation can help you:

  • Improve your sleep
  • Enjoy more uplifting relationships
  • Make your body both limber & strong
  • Communicate better
  • Be more creative
  • Have a better love life
  • Make your home your private sanctuary
  • Manage stress, anxiety, & depression
  • Improve your career or business
  • Be more globally conscious
  • Make better friends
  • Connect with your inner wisdom


Having a private yoga & meditation teacher will give you amazing benefits for your healing journey to create your “best life ever”!

For more information regarding meditation and spiritual development, please visit our Spiritual Development website.


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